Download Oxwall Plus 2.0.0 Beta 2 from Toar's blog

Now you can download and install second Beta version Oxwall Plus. This is beta version, so you can report all bugs here or on forum.

0000074: [system plugins] [updated] ability set securimage settings (toar)
0000073: [security] [added] google recaptcha mechanism (toar)
0000072: [system plugins] [updated] move securimage captcha mechanism to security plugin (toar)
0000071: [security] [added] new security system plugin (toar)
0000070: [localization] [updated] datetime and currency settings (toar)
0000069: [utilites] [updated] new nicetime function (toar)
0000068: [base] [updated] remove fake questions from join controllers (toar)
0000067: [core] [updated] new range form element, which using javascript slider library (toar)
0000066: [core] [updated] new year range form element, which using javascript datetime library (toar)
0000065: [core] [updated] new date form element, which using javascript datetime library (toar)
0000064: [core] [updated] get page title in controller (toar)
0000063: [core] [updated] if setHasInvitation is string, then set text via setInvitation method (toar)
0000062: [performance] [fix] bug when use pipe (|) in database and using file cache system (toar)
0000061: [performance] [updated] optimize minify css and js code (toar)
0000060: [base] [fix] dont search questions with empty names (toar)
0000059: [core] [update] optimize queries (replace IN and NOT IN to = and <> when array have only 1 element) (toar)
0000058: [core] [updated] cache data from base_menu_item and base_document tables (toar)
0000057: [core] [updated] new version jhtmlarea editor (toar)
0000056: [updated] mechanism to cache languages from database
0000055: [updated] cache all configs from base_config
0000054: [performance] [added] new cache backend collector (toar)
0000053: [core] [updated] remove event, so we can start cache earlier (toar)
0000052: [base] [fix] avatar upload don't work (toar)

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The Wall

Aug 22 '18
I have lot of work to release first stable version. If i issue stable version, then start rebuild all standard plugins newsfeed, mailbox etc.
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By Toar
Added Jul 7 '18



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