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Oxwall Plus have cache mechanism, which can speed your site. I perform test using file cache system. I have two sites with the same plugins, one is based on Oxwall, second is based on Oxwall Plus. Here results.


Oxwall Plus

Page load: 0.089s (4MB)

Database: 47 queries (0.011s)

Page load: 0.782s (16.5MB)

Database: 83 queries (0.074s)


Oxwall Plus
Page load: 0.074s (4MB)

Database: 38 queries (0.009s)

Page load: 0.220s (12.5MB)

Database: 66 queries (0.025s)


Oxwall Plus
Page load: 0.095s (4MB)

Database: 61 queries (0.019s)

Page load: 0.297s (11.75MB)

Database: 72 queries (0.043s)

Toar Jun 18 '18 · Tags: devblog, performance, cache, tests

If site grows, have more and more users, then page is loading longer and longer. Oxwall Core have caching methods, but don't use it.

Oxwall Plus have two cache systems. First is DB Cache, which user MySQL tables, where stored are serialized data from MySQL queries. If you select all rows from MySQL table, then you can cache it and only refresh cache when you add, edit or delete row. Second is File Cache System, which stored serialized data in files. Using second system you can reduce MySQL queries.

Oxwall Plus have feature to minimize all CSS an JavaScript scripts and declarations, you can store it on separate files, which are refresh when add new CSS/Javascript file or when you refresh cache.

Toar Jun 14 '18 · Tags: devblog, performance, cache