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Now you can download and install Oxwall Plus 2.0.0. This is beta version, so you can report all bugs here or on forum.
Libraries: Installing ralouphie/getallheaders (3.0.3)         Libraries: Updating guzzlehttp/psr7 (1.4.2 => 1.8.2)         
Libraries: Updating guzzlehttp/promises (v1.3.1 => 1.4.1)         
Libraries: Installing symfony/polyfill-php72 (v1.22.1)         
Libraries: Installing symfony/polyfill-intl-normalizer (v1.22.1)         
Libraries: Installing symfony/polyfill-intl-idn (v1.22.1)         
Libraries: Updating symfony/polyfill-mbstring (v1.8.0 => v1.22.1)
Libraries: Updating guzzlehttp/guzzle (6.3.3 => 6.5.5)         
Libraries: Updating smarty/smarty (v3.1.32 => v3.1.39)         
Libraries: Updating phpmailer/phpmailer (v6.0.5 => v6.4.1)         
Libraries: Installing psr/container (1.1.1)         
Libraries: Installing symfony/service-contracts (v2.4.0)         
Libraries: Installing symfony/polyfill-php80 (v1.22.1)
Libraries: Installing symfony/polyfill-php73 (v1.22.1)
Libraries: Updating symfony/console (v4.1.0 => v4.4.21)         
Libraries: Updating gettext/languages (2.4.0 => 2.6.0)         
Libraries: Updating gettext/gettext (v4.5.0 => v4.8.4)         
Libraries: Updating matthiasmullie/path-converter (1.1.1 => 1.1.3)         
Libraries: Updating matthiasmullie/minify (1.3.60 => 1.3.66)         
Libraries: Updating google/recaptcha (1.1.3 => 1.2.4)
Core: New Admin Master Page and Admin Controller
Libraries: Fix youtube thumbnails display
Libraries: Fix get url json data
System Plugins: Added new Core plugin, which replace base & admin plugins in future
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Now you can download and install second Beta version Oxwall Plus. This is beta version, so you can report all bugs here or on forum.

0000074: [system plugins] [updated] ability set securimage settings (toar)
0000073: [security] [added] google recaptcha mechanism (toar)
0000072: [system plugins] [updated] move securimage captcha mechanism to security plugin (toar)
0000071: [security] [added] new security system plugin (toar)
0000070: [localization] [updated] datetime and currency settings (toar)
0000069: [utilites] [updated] new nicetime function (toar)
0000068: [base] [updated] remove fake questions from join controllers (toar)
0000067: [core] [updated] new range form element, which using javascript slider library (toar)
0000066: [core] [updated] new year range form element, which using javascript datetime library (toar)
0000065: [core] [updated] new date form element, which using javascript datetime library (toar)
0000064: [core] [updated] get page title in controller (toar)
0000063: [core] [updated] if setHasInvitation is string, then set text via setInvitation method (toar)
0000062: [performance] [fix] bug when use pipe (|) in database and using file cache system (toar)
0000061: [performance] [updated] optimize minify css and js code (toar)
0000060: [base] [fix] dont search questions with empty names (toar)
0000059: [core] [update] optimize queries (replace IN and NOT IN to = and <> when array have only 1 element) (toar)
0000058: [core] [updated] cache data from base_menu_item and base_document tables (toar)
0000057: [core] [updated] new version jhtmlarea editor (toar)
0000056: [updated] mechanism to cache languages from database
0000055: [updated] cache all configs from base_config
0000054: [performance] [added] new cache backend collector (toar)
0000053: [core] [updated] remove event, so we can start cache earlier (toar)
0000052: [base] [fix] avatar upload don't work (toar)
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Now you can download and install first version Oxwall Plus. This is beta version, so you can report all bugs here or on forum.

How to install Oxwall Plus?

1. Download Oxwall Plus full package here. Extract Oxwall Plus to a temporary directory and rename the unpacked folder to oxwallplus_2.0.0/; 

2. Upload contents of oxwallplus_2.0.0/ into your site’s public directory (typically public_html/) using an FTP client. Do not forget about .htaccess file.

3.Go to to run the install script. Follow on-screen instructions to set up the database connection info, add additional plugins, create the site admin account, and provide basic website settings.

How to install Oxwall Plus, when i have site based on Oxwall?

1. Make a full backup of all files, directories, and your database(s) before starting, and save it outside your Oxwall installation directory.

2. Download Oxwall Plus Updater here. Extract Oxwall Plus Updater to a temporary directory and upload files to oxwall site public directory (typically public_html/) using an FTP client.

3. Go to Admin Panel and click on Check Updates (

4. The you will be have information about core update. Click on link and update script.

We tested migration from Oxwall 1.8.4 to Oxwall Plus 2.0.0. If you using other oxwall version then update first oxwall to 1.8.4. Wes tested migration on default oxwall plugins, if you have 3rd party plugins and error occured after update, then write on forum, we try help you.


0000051: [install] [fix] delete dir after install complete + some refactoring (toar)
0000046: [core] [updated] refactoring some code in core and other modules (toar)
0000050: [base] [fix] update cache after add or edit menu item (toar)
0000049: [core] [updated] new text form element with option to generate slug (toar)
0000048: [core] [fix] initialize cache backend before config and navigation service (toar)
0000047: [docs] [updated] add information about oxwall plus and change some links (toar)
0000045: [updater] [updated] new template and functions in update scripts (toar)
0000044: [install] [updated] install languages from xmls (toar)
0000042: [system plugins] [added] new localization system plugin (toar)
0000027: [core] [updated] init class packages from system plugins before regular plugins (toar)
0000041: [core] [added] add functions to handle $_COOKIE (toar)
0000040: [performance] [fix] refresh stored files after clear cache (toar)
0000039: [base] [updated] move cache service, dto and dao to performance plugin (toar)
0000038: [core] [added] new package pointers DAO and DTO for plugins (toar)
0000037: [performance] [added] gzip compression (toar)
0000035: [performance] [added] compress js and css files and declarations (toar)
0000034: [system plugins] [added] new performance system plugin, fcache method using files (toar)
0000033: [core] [added] fontawesome 5 library (toar)
0000032: [core] [updated] checkbox form input with toggle feature (toar)
0000031: [core] [added] new bind function for forms (toar)
0000030: [core] [added] new package pointer FORM for plugins (toar)
0000029: [core] [added] set attributes to label on forms (toar)
0000028: [core] [added] you can override default theme files on your theme (toar)
0000026: [core] [added] mysql db cache mechanism (toar)
0000025: [core] [updated] mail service to use new phpmailer version (toar)
0000024: [core] [updated] captcha form element (toar)
0000023: [core] [updated] optimized OW_Example class, add posibility change operator from AND to OR, nested queries, fields with tables aliases (toar)
0000022: [core] [updated] developer tools only visible for admins (toar)
0000020: [system plugins] [updated] jquery library from 2.0.3 to 3.3.1 (toar)
0000018: [system plugins] [fix] more accurate search users results (toar)
0000019: [system plugins] [added] Twitter Boostrap and Popper Js libraries (toar)
0000021: [system plugins] [updated] optimized get user preference value (toar)
0000004: [libraries] update secure image script (toar)
0000005: [core] Import mysql queries from file (toar)
0000008: [core] [fix] FileField, set name, filesize and temp name (toar)
0000006: [core] [seo] slug mechanism (toar)
0000007: [core] $_GET and $_POST functions to handle requests (toar)
0000011: [core] [added] new namespace FORM (toar)
0000014: [core] [updated] VALIDATOR_Filesize add units param (toar)
0000009: [core] [added] VALIDATOR_Extension (toar)
0000012: [core] [updated] change form element class, new namespace ELEMENT to form elements (toar)
0000010: [core] [added] new namespace VALIDATOR (toar)
0000013: [core] [added] VALIDATOR_Filesize (toar)
0000015: [core] [added] add upload files method to Form class (toar)
0000016: [core] [updated] oxwall plus update mechanism (toar)
0000017: [system plugins] [fix] Hide email addresses (toar)
0000002: [install] new installation script (toar)
0000003: [libraries] Add Gettext PHP Library (toar)
0000001: [libraries] update scripts version on vendor (toar)