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vccv kocd Nov 9
BioVirexagen The answer is simple - a high level of testosterone in the blood allowed Greek athletes to make such bodies without steroids. So, the testosterone level of a modern man is much lower than the level of our ancestors. And all this is connected with the evolution of man, with the emergence of the so-called civilized society, where gradually the animal principle of man dies away, and with it the level of testosterone. The first and most important tip: be a man! Stiffness, aggressiveness, courage - these are the qualities, developing which, you can increase your testosterone level. Increase physical activity. In addition to many useful factors that exert physical stress on the body, working with weights also helps to increase testosterone levels. Spend more time in the sun. The sun's rays play a very important role for the human body and have a positive effect on the amount of male harmony. Add more sex to your life. Remember, abstinence does not increase testosterone, but rather leads to atrophy of the organs that produce it. Eat foods that increase testosterone levels. These include seafood, meat, beans, honey, chicken eggs, nuts, and fruits. To summarize We figured out that testosterone is everything for a man, and for bodybuilders it is also a natural anabolic, which is responsible for muscle growth. You have learned about the factors that interfere with testosterone production and should try to exclude them from your life. You also got some good tips on how to increase testosterone and should try to use them. Leave comments with questions and your opinion on this matter. If you are interested in the subject of bodybuilding, subscribe to the site newsletter in the form below and receive articles in the mail that are available only to site subscribers.