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Lee Jul 20 '18
Hey Ghost, what is your opinion on this?
OW-Ghost Jul 21 '18
I think it is a very great suggestion to use React.
Do you have the skills to develop native apps Lee?
If we get native apps that support oxwallplus....oxwallplus will bee a big success and very hot platform! no doubt about it. 
And i think someone would need already now PLAN and start develop it. At least start the project
I not want use a platform with no native mobile apps...and i know Artmedia maybe have full hands make the core much better right now. I hope someone will jump on mobile app project for oxwallplus....hmmm

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Lee Jul 21 '18
No sir I do not. Am no developer, just a web designer. I just saw that and thought it may be a good choice for an app developer.
Toar Aug 20 '18
I want create PWA App, so i want create new mobile version to OxwallPlus, where you have file manifest.json and service worker, support push notifications, etc.
But this will be development after first stable version will be issued
OW-Ghost Oct 2 '18
Wow i think great news if you develop PWA app....it is a good start to join the mobile world
Now you start working on it or is it on hold? 
sell the plugin in the oxwall store for earn some extra money i would advice you to do if possible
Toar Oct 3 '18
I will be selling plugins, which i create for oxwallplus.
For now i completly rebuild manage languages/translations mechanism, i created new system plugin called "localization", where you can manage languages/translations but also in future countries, currencies, etc.