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gilead mack
gilead mack Jul 12
Testo Drive 365 The most important thing is not to forget to take it with you or to remove it. Most often they have sex in private offices, fire escapes, toilets, archives, or in a meeting room. Rules for sex in office In recent times, a large number of workplaces are equipped with a significant number of surveillance cameras. Therefore, sex between employees can be captured film. In this case, colleagues will know about it, and the guard will be able to watch your sex games in detail. Before you choose a place for sex, you need to find a blind zone. It is worth considering that some cameras may be mobile. Office, and especially the desk is a workplace. Before you have sex on it you should be convinced of the absence of piercing and cutting objects. It is very important to get the maximum pleasure, not injury. Therefore, it is better to remove staplers, scissors and stationery knives. If you have sex during a work day, you must think about colleagues around you. It is worth controlling your emotions a little and not allowing yourself to shout at the whole office. If this is not possible, having sex is better postponed until that moment until all colleagues go home. In order to avoid unpleasant moments, the door must be locked with a key. For love communication, do not use corporate mail. A large number of people have access to it. This programmers and supervisors. There are many other ways to do this. Do not leave behind any traces. After sex, do not forget pomada, underwear and other personal items. The condoms thrown into the urn, wet wipes will definitely attract the attention of the cleaning woman. Better to pick them up with yourself. After sex, it is imperative to ventilate the room, because love smells can be in the air for a long time. In choosing a partner you need to be very careful. He should not be talkative, otherwise all employees can learn about your relationship in the smallest detail. Also worth paying attention to health and decency. Proseks in the office is not to tell colleagues and others. Therefore, the main condition is a complete conspiracy. In addition to the locked door, you need to push the blinds and turn off the lights. Outsiders from the neighboring house are also not needed.